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Ran He, MS

Research Associate II
Joined The Vector Core in 2008
ran.he at

Ran graduated from the University of Sun Yat-Sen, Guangzhou, China PRC, with specialty in Genetics. She works on vector production.



Jihye Ko, MS

Research Associate I
Joined The Vector Core in 2018
jihye.ko at

Jihye received her MS in the Interdisciplinary Program in Neuroscience from George Mason University and BS in Biochemistry from Virginia Commonwealth University. She mainly focuses on QC of rAAV preparations. Also, her research focuses on developing and improving rAAV production.


Hong Ma, BS

Research Associate I
Joined The Vector Core in 2013
hong.ma2 at

Hong has a BS in Clinical Medicine from Hebei University Medical College. He is working on molecular cloning and large-scale plasmid extraction. His project is to develop adenovirus expression system for rAAV production.


Sangeetha Manokaran, M.Phil

Research Associate
Joined The Vector Core in 2013 in 2017
sangeetha.manokaran at

Sangeetha is from southern part of India and received her M.Phil degree in Biotechnology from Madurai Kamaraj University in the year 2009. She previously worked on cancer biology and identifying new therapeutic targets from BITS-Pilani Collaborative Lab. Currently she is working in viral vector core lab with a goal of training in viral vector production and purification.


Ming Zheng, BS

Research Associate I
Joined Vector Core in 2018
ming.zheng at

Ming graduated from the University of Shanghai University, China. She works on viral vector production.



Qifeng Huang

Research Associate I
Qifeng.Huang at

Chensong Jia

Research Associate I
Chensong.Jia at