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Guidelines for Independent Study (PH 696)



Guidelines for Independent Study (PH 696)


Adjunct Faculty Requirement: Independent study faculty supervisors must have adjunct faculty appointments with the School of Public Health and Health Sciences.

Abstract of Work Plan: A 1-2 page abstract describing the scope of the independent study, including learning objectives, is required prior to registration for the course. The program directors must approve the plan. The deadline for submission of the abstract is July 1st for fall semester and December 1 for the spring semester.

Lesson Plan: A detailed lesson plan must be submitted before registration. The lesson plan should be developed cooperatively by the faculty supervisor and the student. For example, the lesson plan should include required readings, topics to be covered and skills to be learned.

Student/Faculty Contact: Faculty supervisors and students are required to communicate on a weekly basis.

Independent Study Report: Students are required to complete an independent study report which is graded by the faculty supervisor. This report is due on the last scheduled day of final exams.

Independent Study Grade: The faculty supervisor will either enter the grade on SPIRE or forward it to the program administrator to be entered along with other independent study grades. Faculty