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Cardiovascular and Surgical Core Services

In Vivo

Left Anterior Descending (LAD) Coronary Artery Ligation

  • Myocardial infarction (MI) Animal model induces sustained ischemia to myocardium, mimicking the pathophysiology of human myocardial infarction.
  • Ischemia-reperfusion injury (MIR) caused by reperfusion following ischemia. This model mimics myocardial injury after angioplasty and bypass surgery.

Transverse aortic constriction (TAC)

  • Surgical narrowing of the aortic arch or abdominal aorta to induce left ventricular pressure-volume overload; reversible as a model of hypertrophic regression.

Hind Limb Ischemia

  • Femoral artery ligation provides a simple model of ischemic tissue. The advantage of this model is the easily of accessed femoral artery and low mortality rate.
  • Single or double Ligation of the femoral artery to induce angiogenesis/collateralization. With laser Doppler flow measurement.

Carotid Artery Ligation

  • An arterial injury model that initiates a vascular remodeling response involving primarily vascular smooth muscle cells
  • To understand the formation and development ab aneurysm and identification of potential medical treatments. Mini-pump implantation with angiotensin II (ANGII)

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA)

  • To understand the formation and development aneurysms and identification of potential medical treatments.
  • Mini-pump implantation with angiotensin II (ANGII)


  •  Surgically connecting two animals we can prove that the feedback system in one animal is circulated and affects the second animal via blood and plasma exchange.


  • Atherosclerosis is an Inflammatory disease characterized by the development atherosclerotic plaques. These plaques lead to narrowing and hardening of the arterial lumen.

Wire Myography 

  • To Study Vascular Tone and Vascular Structure of Isolated Mouse Arteries

Renal Ischemia or Renal Ischemia Reperfusion Injury

  • To Study the complex responses of the kidney to acute injury

Other Services:

  • Other surgical models as needed, Please inquire as to your specific needs
  • Nephrectomy 
  • Orchiectomy 
  • Ovariectomy 
  • Splenectomy 
  • Vasectomy 
  • Vasovasostomy
  • Wound Healing
  • Minipump Placement, or Removal/Replacement
  • Acute Vascular catheterization (Carotid, Jugular or Femoral vesels)
  • Compound delivery-Gavage, Lavage, Nasal instalations, IP, SC, IV, ID injections
  • Long Term Alternate Diet Studies
  • Noninvasive echocardiographic studies with or without contrast
  • EchoMRI Whole Body composition analysis
  • Rodent Blood Pressure Monitoring studies (CODA)
  • Micro CT Scan, Micro PET Scan
  • Animal Model development via KO creation
  • Glucose/insulin tolerance test (GTT/ITT)
  • Sac, tissue harvest and preservation 
  • Histology Services
  • Alzet mini pumps
  • PEC collection and culture
  • SVF and lipid collection
  • Rodent irradiation and bone marrow implant
  • Denervation: Surgical and chemical
  • Treadmill exercise-standard and exhaustive
  • Sx training

Please inquire with you needs.