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Cardiovascular Physiology and Surgical Rodent Core

We provide investigators with an easily accessed resources for creating and development of mouse cardiovascular disease models. Providing unique and valuable research tools for translational research from animal studies into human applications. The Mouse Cardiovascular Core develops timely and cost-effective solutions to important functional aspects of mouse models with respect to clinical applications.

Our core is proud to offer a wide variety of non-invasive and surgical procedures for comprehensive evaluation of cardiovascular phenotypes for transgenic and knockout mice. Using mouse models of cardiovascular disease and heart failure requires hiring personnel with advanced microsurgical skills and expensive instrumentation. We offer these services that are difficult and time-consuming for you without proper expertise, experience and equipment. We provide you with the ability to efficiently find necessary information about various animal models, in-depth solutions for comprehensive assessment of cardiovascular function in mice, and tailored content for grant application and publications. Additionally, we can provide surgical training for proper physiological assessments of cardiovascular function in mice.

Core Director:

Dr. Timothy P. Fitzgibbons MD, PhD.