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Process for Approval of School-Sponsored UMMS Student Activities during COVID-19 Pandemic

This process has been developed by the Tri-School Student Affairs team, the Office of Student Life and is informed by both University-level and State-level guidelines.

As members of the University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS) community, it is each of our responsibilities to do our part in keeping the campus safe. The Office of Student Life is committed to continuing to support a vibrant, enriching offering of student activities at UMMS amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, we ask that you refer to the process outlined here when planning or attending a school-sponsored event, whether on- or off-campus.

All UMMS student groups should host their events virtually when possible. If student group leaders believe there is a situation where the event must be held in person, they should identify this in the goals and objectives portion of the event request form. The Office of Student Life will review and make a determination upon receipt of the request.

Approval of all events will continue to be required through the Event Approval process outlined on the Student Life website.

Everyone is expected to wear face coverings and practice social distancing.

Outside guests are prohibited on campus for any student organization purposes. This includes speakers, performers, and vendors.

All school-sponsored travel for student organizations is prohibited for the Fall 2020 semester, in accordance with the travel guidelines provided by the University.

All student organization skills sessions as well as any OEE event should adhere to the recently published OEE guidelines.

Virtual Events:

Students should use either Zoom or Microsoft Teams to host their virtual gatherings. Please refer to these internal SharePoint links for more information on how to do this:

When using this software for your virtual events, you must follow University guidelines regarding use of technology.

The organizer(s) of the event is/are responsible for being present for the entirety of the virtual event and monitoring participation in the event.

To ensure event security and prevent malicious disruptions, links to UMMS-sponsored virtual event spaces (Zoom, etc.) must not be posted publicly in a manner that allows non-UMMS access and/or should follow IT best practices for public event setup (event registration, waiting room, etc.).

Use of Funding:

Students should use the same funding request process as normal (this is school-specific; please consult your school’s student leadership body for this information.) Due to operations being primarily remote at this time, we ask that students make the purchases directly when approved for fund use and provide the receipts to their school’s funding manager for reimbursement. Students can download the tax exemption certificate to ensure that their purchase is tax-free as the University is not able to reimburse tax.

If you have questions or concerns regarding a student activity, please contact the Office of Student Life ( for assistance.


Event Guidelines Training Module

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