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Report Learner Mistreatment

To report alleged violations of the Appropriate Treatment of Learners policy, please use this online reporting form. Reports are submitted to the Director of Positive Learning Environments for review. If you have any questions about whether a behavior is considered a violation, please contact the Director of Positive Learning Environments.

Report Professionalism Concerns

To report any concerns with a student's professionalism, please use this online reporting form. This form initiates a formal process for teaching/coaching professional identity formation. A warning is not considered a disciplinary action and does not replace a Tier 1 HC violation.

Report a Learner of Concern

Though the term "concern" is subjective, you may feel a learner is exhibiting academic, emotional, or physical behaviors of concern. Common examples include unexplained absences, yelling or aggressive comments, or deteriorating physical appearance or personal hygiene. If you believe a learner is displaying concerning behaviors, please use this online reporting form.

Report Hazing

Students are not to be demeaned or exposed to harm when pursuing involvement in campus life. Hazing activities create an unsafe campus environment and include, but are not limited to, forced or coerced consumption of alcohol, deprivation of food or sleep, beating or paddling in any form, personal servitude, or kidnapping or abandonment.

Report Student Organization Concerns (Non-Hazing)

To report any concerns with a student organization that are not hazing-related, please use this online reporting form. Potential violations include alcohol, drugs, bullying, harassment, vandalism, disorderly conduct, and open parties. Submitted reports are reviewed by the Office of Student Life and followed up on appropriately.

Report Discrimination or Bias

To report concerns related to bias or discrimination.

Bias incident – any hurtful, discriminatory or harassing act that targets individuals or groups based on perceived or actual identity. To be considered a bias incident, the act is not required to be a crime under any federal, state or local statutes, nor does it have to violate university policy.

Discrimination – is defined by federal and/or state statutes to include unfavorable or unfair treatment of a person or class of persons with membership in a protected class.