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Coaching Program for Academic Success and Student Well-Being

The academic success and well-being of each student are important aspects of student life. The Coaching program provides the framework, resources and safe space for reflection on academic and personal performance through interprofessional collaboration across the medical, nursing and biomedical graduate schools.


  • Assist students to identify needs and create a plan to achieve their fullest potential
  • Provide academic guidance
  • Support professional development


  • Support students through their transition to new environments
  • Provide assistance and encouragement in all aspects of education and personal development
  • Address stress and burnout

CONTACT US:    Carla.DelacruzDavila@umassmed.edu 

Resource Connection:

  • Student Counseling
  • Financial Aid
  • Wellness Program
  • Center for Academic Achievement
  • Student Groups
  • Max Baker Resource Center
  • Peace Room
  • Fitness Center
  • Learner Emergency Assistance Fund
  • KORU Mindfulness 
  • Student Counseling Services
  • Student Health Services