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Tuesday Research Meetings

Click here to view the Tuesday PQHS Research Meeting Site for schedules, slides, references and a blog.

Organizers: Drs. Arlene Ash and Jonggyu Baek in Division of Biostatistics, PQHS

What are our goals? Broadly, to help local researchers learn how to conduct research better.

When do we meet? Tuesdays, 9:00 – 10:00 am EST via Zoom

What do we discuss in the meetings? 

We use these weekly research meetings in various ways, e.g., to   

  • Tell people about a newly funded or ongoing project, and possibly identify interested collaborators or learn about related work
  • Present an underused research method that we hope to encourage people to adopt
  • Discuss an idea or set of issues that we are grappling with (like how to measure, define and “pay for” reducing inequities)
  • Present and discuss a specific research paper
  • Present a research problem that we seek help to resolve, or while developing a research proposal or responding to reviewers' comments

Who is our audience? Attendance is open to anyone interested. Please contact Jonggyu.baek@umassmed.edu to be added to the circulation list for weekly announcements that will contain the zoom link.