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Welcome to the PQHS Research Meeting Site

Organizers: Drs. Arlene Ash and Jonggyu Baek in Division of Biostatistics, PQHS

What are our goals? Broadly, to help local researchers learn how to conduct research better.

When do we meet? Wednesday, 10:00 – 11:00 am EST via Zoom from September 2023 to July 2024

What do we discuss in the meetings? 

We use these weekly research meetings in various ways, e.g., to   

  • Tell people about a newly funded or ongoing project, and possibly identify interested collaborators or learn about related work
  • Present an underused research method that we hope to encourage people to adopt
  • Discuss an idea or set of issues that we are grappling with (like how to measure, define and “pay for” reducing inequities)
  • Present and discuss a specific research paper
  • Present a research problem that we seek help to resolve, or while developing a research proposal or responding to reviewers' comments

Who is our audience? Attendance is open to anyone interested. Please contact Jonggyu.baek@umassmed.edu to be added to the circulation list for weekly announcements that will contain the zoom link.