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Diversity and Inclusion Statement

We, the Department of Population and Quantitative Health Sciences, believe that excellence in solving complex public health problems can be achieved through diversity and inclusion that is not only relegated to race and ethnicity but of thought, perspective, and lived experiences.

Recognizing the importance and richness that diversity and inclusion brings to our work and our lives, we ascribe to the following:

  • Given how health inequities impact the development and potential of individuals and society, we are committed to fostering equity with the express purpose of improving quality of life and health through our research, education, advocacy, clinical work, policy, and service.

  • We actively strive to foster a safe, proactive, and dynamic environment of mutual respect and trust for all.

  • We recognize, embrace, and promote multiple dimensions of diversity and inclusion, and will work to actively counter any situations that would marginalize, diminish, or limit this commitment.

  • We are committed to building an environment of openness and accountability where all members of the community feel safe to freely express positive and negative experiences about diversity and inclusion.

  • To create a safe and welcoming environment, we will provide and support education and training that emphasizes awareness, respect, and appreciation for differences between individuals and groups, addressing both micro and macroaggressions and implicit and explicit bias.

  • We routinely evaluate our progress and ability to meet our mission statement, goals, and aspirations by developing appropriate metrics and measurable outcomes.

  • We are committed to promoting diversity within our Department and will strive to enhance the recruitment and retention of diverse faculty, staff, and trainees.

  • We will collaborate with institutional leadership, other Departments, and Programs to advance diversity and inclusion throughout the institution.