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Feedback from the fellows

Every year participants unanimously say that they would recommend UMass Chan Medical School's media fellowship to a colleague, because it ‘exceeded expectations’ and the sessions provided information they’ll find useful in the future.

"Hearing firsthand about developments on the frontline
was a reminder that UMass Chan is doing important work."


"I was very impressed by the range of topics—genomics, opioid
addiction, how young doctors learn to deal with patients.
I think any journalist would find something to think about."


"This was very eye-opening and useful!"


"It was informative, interesting and engaging."


"I appreciated the small group nature of the fellowship
and the opportunity to ask questions in a conversational tone and manner.
It was sort of like having a lot of time with your favorite professor at college but
they were medical/research people at the top of their fields."


"It’s a good way to develop not only your own knowledge,
but also connections for future sources/experts for stories."


"The best part of the fellowship was being able to ask presenters tough
questions and having them respond candidly. The Q&A sessions seemed
to run long for almost every part of the fellowship—a very good thing!"