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Need Help with Concur?

Email UMass Chan dedicated support by sending an email to ChanTravelExpenseSupport@uhealthsolutions.org or by calling 508-368-7147 Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm.

UMass Chan users should direct all Concur questions and requests to UMass Chan dedicated support, who will be responsible for coordinating resolution.

The President’s Office holds office hours every Monday and Wednesday from 3pm to 4pm. Drop in any time during these hours through the following link. Meeting ID: 926 8004 9762 (Please note that the Office Hours Zoom link and ID has been updated on 11/9/23).

What is Concur? 

 UMass Chan is transitioning to Concur to manage business and travel expenses. Within the Concur Expense module, bank card transactions and out-of-pocket purchases can be submitted with receipts for reimbursement through an expense report. The Concur Request module allows users to submit requests for Pre-Travel Authorization as well as Prior-Approval and Expense Exceptions for items out of policy. 

Concur will replace Terra Dotta, PeopleSoft Expense Module submission for out-of-pocket reimbursement and the current bankcard process for submitting documentation via Buyways and allocation of expenses in PeopleSoft.

The new University Travel Policy,  University Travel Policy and associated standards, requires all University Travel, both domestic and international, be registered in the University Travel Registry.  Please note: failing to register your Travel may impact expense reimbursement eligibility. With our new Concur platform and Healix Travel Registry, University travel must be registered after travel is approved and booked.  Please see the section on Before Departure to learn more about how to register your University Travel. 

Additional information can be found on the UMass Chan International Travel page 

When are UMass Chan users transitioning to Concur?

 UMass Chan Employees

Departments will go live in Concur using a phased approach.   An employee whose department has transitioned to Concur should follow applicable Concur guidance.   Employees in departments that have yet to transition to Concur should follow existing processes and procedures.

 Students and non-employee reimbursement

Until further notice, continue to follow existing procedures for out-of-pocket expense reimbursement.

  • Students - Submit a non-employee reimbursement voucher referencing the student ID number.  Must include original receipts and signatures.  Send to AP via interoffice mail.

Student travel registration and pre travel authorization.

Until further notice, continue to follow existing procedures to register student travel.

Concur Login and Additional Support

Concur User Support and Login

UMass Chan Roles and Responsibilities

UMass Chan Roles and Responsibilities 

Concur Resources and Job Aids

 The President’s Office webpage T&E Program: Concur Resources and Job Aids contains Concur resources and job aids for:

  • General Concur Resources and Troubleshooting
  • Travel Booking in Concur
  • Expense Report – Including Bank Card and Out-of-Pocket Expenses
  • Request – Pre-Travel Authorization, Prior Approval and Exceptions
  • Approvals
  • Delegates

 Note: UMass Chan processes differ from other Campuses in several key areas including creating and submitting a request for pre-travel authorization for domestic and international travel and approval workflow for requests.   Please review the UMass Chan specific resources as indicated on the President’s Office webpage.

The Concur Resources and Job Aids also contains links to register for instructor led Concur trainings.  Note: UMass Chan users, if possible, should register and attend those courses designed specifically for UMass Chan.  The recorded training videos below are Chan specific trainings

 The Training Videos below are Chan specific only:

Expense User
Travel Booking

Other Resources


University Policies

Business and Travel Expenses

Information on Travel Expenses and reimbursements. View the updated business & travel expense policy and standards that outlines allowable/non-allowable expenses, as well as prior approval and documentation requirements. Access Travel & Business Expense Approval Matrices by Campus and State Employee Disclosure Information.

Travel Expenses

Business and Travel Expense Policy and Standards

Prior Approval and Exception Matrices

 Travel Planning and Activities

Information on steps University Travelers must take prior to booking University Travel, while booking University Travel, before they depart for University Travel, and while traveling.