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UMass Emergency Medicine Residents

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First Year Residents (EM-1)

  • Jorge Acevedo Herman

    Jorge Acevedo Herman

    Hometown: Cayey, Puerto Rico
    Med School: UMass Chan
    Interests/Hobbies: Running, Scuba Diving, Traveling, Hiking, Finance and Business Administration, Investing, Aerospace Medicine
    Why UMass: The rigor and strength of the 3-year EM curriculum, outstanding residents, and staying close to immediate family.

  • Nikhil Bhana

    Nikhil Bhana

    Hometown: Cinnaminson, NJ
    Med School: Cooper Medical School
    Interest/hobbies: Skiing & Snowboarding (started off skiing then taught myself how to snowboard to hit bigger jumps on the slopes), Soccer (former Division 1 athlete), Hiking (absolutely love the breathtaking views from mountain tops), Body Surfing (nothing more exciting than crashing with the waves), Fitness, Team-based Video games (Rocket League, Halo, COD, you name it), DIY Projects, Traveling, Stocks, Harry Potter Fan (repairo!), Pizza enthusiast (number 1 pizza spot is Kate & Als in Columbus, NJ).
    Why UMass: Well-rounded training, super friendly faculty, HAWAII, supportive and collaborative learning environment… you join a family when you come here.

  • Audrey Butler

    Audrey Butler

    Hometown: Erie, PA
    Med School: SUNY Upstate
    Interests/hobbies: Wordle & NYT games, contemporary and hip-hop dance, biking, reading, Netflix, podcasts, discovering local breweries & coffee shops, bar trivia, fantasy football & watching the Patriots.
    Why UMass: I wanted to come to UMass because I could tell it was an inclusive and supportive environment. When I visited, I loved that there was a strong camaraderie on shift between the attendings and residents. I wanted a program that emphasized wellness and resident life outside medicine. Im so happy I am here because for all these reasons, UMass has helped create a smooth transition into residency and made working on shift fun and a great place to learn.

  • Brian Desnoyers

    Brian Desnoyers

    Hometown: Poughquag, NY
    Med School: Tufts
    Interest/hobbies: swimming, film, cycling, scuba diving, clinical informatics, public health
    Why UMass: I choose UMass because it offers a warm and inclusive environment, prioritizes quality improvement and promoting social emergency medicine, and is situated in an ideal setting.

  • Hayley Kohler

    Hayley Kohler

    Hometown: Westwood MA
    Med school: New York Medical College
    Interests/hobbies: kayaking, hiking, traveling
    Why UMass: Location being close to home, high acuity and patient volume, Hawaii, many fellowship opportunities and emphasis on health equity with community outreach programs like road to care and WRAP

  • Thomas Leith

    Thomas Leith

    Hometown: Cambridge, MA
    Med school: University of Michigan
    Interests/hobbies: Hiking, climbing, SCUBA diving, gardening, folk and bluegrass fiddle music
    Why UMass: UMass blew me away from the start by offering an incredible balance of all my personal and professional interests. It’s an established, rigorous academic program with all the resources of a top-tier tertiary care center, while still offering outstanding exposure to and partnership with a wide variety of community sites. It’s located in a fun and diverse (if often underestimated!) city, with lots to do in town, but is also just minutes away from phenomenal outdoor activities. And, cliched as it sounds, the people here truly are fantastic. Within days of starting here, UMass already felt like home. I’m thrilled to get to spend three years training here.

  • Ryan Lindsay

    Ryan Lindsay

    Hometown: West Boylston, MA
    Med School: UMass Chan Medical School
    Interest/hobbies: I enjoy hiking and traveling. You can find me on the golf course struggling to keep the ball in play. I enjoy trivia, exploring new restaurants, and backyard games (like volleyball and Spike Ball).
    Why UMass: I chose UMass EM for the family culture and the patient complexity. The UMass residents and attendings are excited to teach and are approachable. I appreciated how the residents kept a lighthearted attitude while working extremely hard. I was also drawn to the acuity and complexity of the patients that are treated at UMass Chan. Very strong subspecialty departments, such as the toxicology and ultrasound departments, were also a draw to this program.

  • Bennett McKinley

    Bennett McKinley

    Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina
    Med School: University of Louisville School of Medicine
    Interests/hobbies: Tennis, Pickleball, Basketball, Football, Traveling, Guitar, Hiking, Trying new things (Food, Games, Recreational activities)
    Why UMass: Being close to family was one of the most important factors I considered when choosing a residency program. When I was looking for programs in the New England region, the strong academic background of the University of Massachusetts and the diverse, urban population of Worcester immediately stood out to me. During my away rotation in October, everyone was very down-to-earth and welcoming. The strong culture for learning and feedback, the exposure to the different specialties of Emergency Medicine, and the diversity in patient presentation with excellent didactics to support those learning opportunities confirmed my decision to rank UMass number one.

  • Olga Neyman

    Olga Neyman

    Hometown: Atlanta, GA
    Med School: Washington University in St. Louis
    Interests/Hobbies: Rock climbing, dancing, cooking, camping, overly complicated board games
    Why UMass: Awesome people and opportunities in a new part of the country

  • Matias Page

    Matias Page

    Hometown: Newton, MA
    Med School: Brown Medical School
    Interests/Hobbies: Sailing, windsurfing, biking, skiing, New England sports, drawing
    Why UMass: My away rotation at UMass made a great and lasting impression on me, and ultimately was one of the major factors in my decision. The residents I worked with moved through the department like seasoned veterans who were comfortable taking care of very sick patients and had plenty of experience doing a wide variety of procedures. I also appreciated that the residents and faculty were incredibly approachable and invested in teaching. Lastly, I wanted to live close to my family and in an area with outdoor activities nearby. The Worcester area has lots of parks, hiking, and even a sailing center next to the hospital, all of which I am excited to make use of during my residency.

  • Ryan Silva

    Ryan Silva

    Hometown: Johnston, RI
    Med School: UConn
    Interests/Hobbies: New England sports teams (catch me at Gillette Stadium to watch the Pats play), soccer, flag football, yard games (especially cornhole), music, concerts, Broadway shows, trivia and karaoke nights, ciders, hiking
    Why UMass: I chose UMass because it aligned best with my interests and wants when it came to a residency program. The opportunity to train in Emergency Medicine at an academic Level 1 Trauma Center in the second largest city in New England seemed invaluable, especially as someone who was born and raised in New England. It also became evident that residents at UMass are exposed early and often to the management of high acuity level patients and complex procedures, which I especially appreciated. I was additionally drawn to the number of EM fellowship programs at UMass, and the resultant opportunity to garner exposure and expertise from the various fellowship-trained faculty. Everyone I met along the interview trail, from administration to program leadership to the current residents, were extremely friendly and supportive, and I knew they were the people for me. Finally, where else can you find a residency program that sends you to Hawaii for a month? What's better than that?

  • Walberto Tejada Menjivar

    Walberto Tejada Menjivar

    Hometown: Charlotte, NC
    Med school: Meharry Medical College
    Interests/hobbies: cooking/bread baking and anything food related, making craft cocktails at home, listening to podcasts, watching MMA, and living vicariously through Youtube.
    Why UMass: During my interview, I realized that UMass residents get to see the whole spectrum of patients that you would find at a community or county program in a setting with academic resources. Being the only level 1 trauma center in the region allows us to see critical patients from the beginning. Having grown up in the south, getting to explore New England is also exciting!

  • Charlotte Tisch

    Charlotte Tisch

    Hometown: New York City
    Med school: The University of Pennsylvania
    Interests/hobbies: cardiac arrest research, being outdoors, cooking, whale watching,
    Why UMass: Strong mentorship, opportunities in practically every specialty within EM, departmental culture

  • Jacob Wood

    Jacob Wood

    Hometown: Ogden, Utah
    Med School: UT Southwestern
    Interests/Hobbies: skiing, mountain biking, hiking with my wife and dog, boating, tennis, running, camping.
    Why UMass: I have always had an interest in EMS and life flight, and UMass is one of the few programs that gives residents the opportunity to go out on calls with the local EMS, and even participate in life flight flights. Also the month in Hawaii during third year was pretty enticing!

Second Year Residents (EM-2)

  • Michael Bernazzani

    Michael Bernazzani

    Hometown: Peabody, MA
    Undergrad: Northeastern Univ
    Medical School: Loyola Univ
    Interests: Recreational Basketball, Soccer, Golf, Wood working, Photography, Skiing

  • Hunter Bolin

    Hunter Bolin

    Hometown: Natick, MA
    Undergrad: UMass Amherst
    Medical School: Stony Brook
    Interests: Miniature Painting (some of the board games I play have small plastic miniatures that require painting), Table Top Games (board games such as Coup, Codenames, Ticket to Ride, etc), Rock Climbing, Fantasy Novels

  • Patrick Bonson

    Patrick Bonson

    Hometown: Burlington, VT
    Undergrad: Univ of Vermont
    Medical School: Virginia Tech
    Interests: Paragliding (P2-Solo Pilot, Easily my most involved interest), Cross County Skiing (I began nordic racing in high school and have kept CC skiing as a hobby since then), Rock Climbing (indoor and outdoor bouldering and top-roping have been a staple of mine for years), Banjo (the newest addition to the interest section, I took up clawhammer banjo after moving to Roanoke in 2018)

  • Christopher DiTullio

    Christopher DiTullio

    Hometown: Hanover, MA
    Undergrad: UMass Amherst
    Medical School: UMass Chan
    Interests: Golf, Boston Pro Sports Teams (Go Pats!!), Personal finance, Watching documentaries, Trivia, Board Games, Cooking, Traveling, Spending time outdoors

  • Jacob Garrell

    Jacob Garrell

    Hometown: Fairfield, CT
    Undergrad: Tufts
    Medical School: UConn
    Interests: Sustainable cooking: I have been actively learning how to cook with fresh and local ingredients during my time as a medical student. I have recently been focusing on plant-based diets. Outdoor Activities: I have grown up golfing, fishing, snowboarding, and hiking and spend my free time exploring the outdoors and exercising

  • Julian Goding

    Julian Goding

    Hometown: Southborough, MA
    Undergrad: Holy Cross
    Medical School: UMass Chan
    Interests: Running, beer and whiskey connoisseur, audiophile, cooking, tennis, golf, hiking, pickleball, politics, the US legal system, video games, traveling

  • Neel Gupta

    Neel Gupta

    Hometown: Marlborough, MA
    Undergrad: Union College
    Medical School: Albany Med
    Interests: Baseball, football, Golf, movies, 3D printing, Programming, computer building

  • Sean McHugh

    Sean McHugh

    Hometown: Chatham, NJ
    Undergrad: Amherst College
    Medical School: Cooper Medical School
    Interests: I am a very active person who loves making or fixing things and generally working with my hands. I often come up with projects or jobbies that will help me learn new skills, such as fixing a decrepit sailboat to teach myself how to sail. My hobbies include hiking, mountain biking, camping, backpacking, canoeing, sailing, woodworking, drawing, painting, sewing, weightlifting, running, swimming, cooking and baking.

  • Corey Michelson

    Corey Michelson

    Hometown: Needham, MA
    Undergrad: University of Maryland
    Medical School: Tufts 
    Interests: Golfing (often you will find 3 generations of Michelson's enjoying a round!), Hiking and city walks, avid Boston sports fan, adaptive sports, cooking (hopefully future omelet food truck owner), Music DJ/Playlist curator

  • Ruairi O'Connor

    Ruairi O'Connor

    Hometown: Sligo, Ireland
    Undergrad: National University of Ireland, Galway
    Medical School: University of Limerick
    Interests: Competitive open water swimming, surfing and surf life saving, alpine skiing, photography

  • Aaron Prugar

    Aaron Prugar

    Hometown: York, ME
    Undergrad: Boston College
    Medical School: Tufts
    Interests: Hiking, board games, homebrewing, Star Wars, weightlifting, Pittsburgh Steelers, reading

  • Duncan Robertson

    Duncan Robertson

    Hometown: Holliston, MA
    Undergrad: UMass Amherst
    Medical School: New York Medical College
    Interests: Hobbies include live music, hiking with my dog and wife, basketball, swimming, biking, disc sports, soccer, food (eating it not cooking it), craft beers, running, camping, beaching and billiards/pool. Interests include medical education, mindfulness, medical toxicology, sports and rural medicine.

  • Gretta Steigauf-Regan

    Gretta Steigauf-Regan

    Hometown: Oakdale, MN
    Undergrad: Notre Dame
    Medical School: University of Minnesota
    Interests: Ice hockey, Water skiing/Slalom water skiing, reading, softball, golf, running, traveling, hiking, baking, Global Health, Ultrasound

  • Frank Wu

    Frank Wu

    Undergrad: Stanford
    Medical School: Univ of Southern California
    Interests: Aviation enthusiast, fostering cats, Building custom computers, Trekking in Himalayas

Third Year Residents (EM-3)

  • Kyle Albagli

    Kyle Albagli

    Hometown: Clifton Park, NY
    Undergrad: Haverford College
    Med School: Stony Brook
    Interests: Travel, hiking, trivia, spaceflight, classical music

  • Aaron Amardey-Wellington

    Aaron Amardey-Wellington

    Hometown: Accra, Ghana
    Undergrad: Tufts
    Med School: Tufts
    Interests: Playing soccer, Dancing, Singing, Ping Pong, Personal fitness, Stocks trading, Traveling with my wife and kids

  • Baylee Arnold

    Baylee Arnold

    Hometown: Gig Harbor, WA
    Undergrad: Pacific Lutheran University
    Med School: Loma Linda
    Interests: Equestrian, Trail running, hiking, backpacking, Kayaking, Canyoneering, Rock Climbing, Intramural sports, Reading, Coffee

  • Eric Borges

    Eric Borges

    Hometown: Fairhaven, MA
    Undergrad: WPI
    Med School: UMass
    Interests: Calisthenics, Home cooking, Personal finance, Reading

  • Cameron Burke

    Cameron Burke

    Hometown: Upland, CA
    Undergrad: Univ of Washington
    Med School: Univ of Vermont
    Interests: Photography, cooking, baking, running, swimming, hiking, camping

  • Peter DaCosta

    Peter DaCosta

    Hometown: New Bedford, MA
    Undergrad: UMass Dartmouth
    Med School: UMass
    Interests: Cooking, hiking, fermenting, Global Health

  • Anne Drake

    Anne Drake

    Hometown: Troy, Michigan
    Undergrad: Case Western
    Med School: Case Western
    Interests: Hiking, camping, rock climbing, crocheting, skiing, boating, spending time with my dog

  • Holly Dupuis

    Holly Dupuis

    Hometown: Brookfield, MA
    Undergrad: RPI
    Med School: Hofstra/Northwell
    Interests: Cycling, triathalons, culinary medicine, wildlife, hiking

  • Jasmine Gale

    Jasmine Gale

    Hometown: Dedham, MA
    Undergrad: Univeristy of Southern California
    Med School: Tufts
    Interests: Scuba diving, dancing, hiking, camping, backpacking, guitar.

  • Brendan Healy

    Brendan Healy

    Hometown: Wilmington, MA
    Undergrad: UMass Lowell
    Med School: Temple
    Interests: Piano, softball, sailing, 

  • Harsha Kumar

    Harsha Kumar

    Hometown: Bihar, India
    Undergrad: Roger Williams University
    Med School: UMass
    Interests: Painting, cooking, exploring local food, badminton

  • Lauren Marcov

    Lauren Marcov

    Hometown: Milford, MA
    Undergrad: UMass Dartmouth
    Med School: UMass
    Interests: Athletics, mindfulness, reading, baking, documentaries

  • Conor Robinson

    Conor Robinson

    Hometown: Chelmsford, MA
    Undergrad: St Michael's College
    Med School: UMass
    Interests: Ice hockey, cooking, grilling, music, hiking, strength and conditioning

  • Ryan Schum

    Ryan Schum

    Hometown: Commack, NY
    Undergrad: Tufts
    Med School: Stony Brook
    Interests: Cooking, baking, homebrewing, Tabletop gaming, Bass guitar, ultimate frisbee