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Distinction Tracks

There is much more to learning and education than sitting in a lecture hall. Interactive, small group discussions with content experts in a field of inquiry that you (as a resident) are interested in engage the learners and provide opportunites that traditional lecture formats cannot. Longitudinal mentorship with content experts and resource accessibility are thus critical elements in any residency program.
We have instituted the concept of Distinction Tracks (DTs) for our EM residents to help them develop a specific area of expertise. Based on your academic interest selection, faculty members will be paired with you for more directed small group learning and mentorship. The DT structure provides longitudinal mentorship and a personalized curriculum. During the intern year, residents participate in various DTs, and declare their DT of interest at the beginning of the 2nd year. This innovative approach to individualized learning is unique among three-year residencies. 
There are a variety of options for your DTs, which may include, but are not limited to, the following:
Administration and Quality
Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
Emergency Ultrasound 
Disaster Preparedness 
Health Equity
Medical Education 
Medical Toxicology