Disaster Medicine and Emergency Management

 Mary-Elise Manuell, MD                                                  

Mary-Elise Manuell, MD  Division Director    





Andrew Milsten, MD  Fellowship Director

Center of Excellence for Emergency Preparedness Education and Training



Our weekly lecture series is Thursday's 10-12 in the seminar room (unless it's marked as in the fishbowl). You can bookmark our lecture schedule/division information website Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Lecture series and check there for updates etc.

The Division of Disaster Medicine and Emergency Management was developed in October 2007 and has completed several projects:  In April, 2008 we received approval from the Graduate Education Committee to develop a Disaster Medicine & Emergency Management Fellowship (one of only a few on the country).  This is a two year fellowship (with up to two fellows per year)  and will offer the fellows an opportunity to complete a master’s degree and to become more involved with disaster planning, response, recovery and mitigation at the hospital, community, local, state, federal and international levels.  Our first fellow began the program in 2009.

In May 2008, we held our 1st Annual Central Mass. Hospital Emergency Management Conference. In attendance, we had over 75 people from all over the state, representing several disciplines and agencies: physicians, nurses, EMS, DPH, emergency preparedness coordinators, DMAT team. Our 2nd Annual Conference was held June 16, 2009. Topics and speakers at that conference will included Mass Fatality Planning (Gina Smith, RN); Toxic Gases:  the Tox Perspective on Agents of Opportunity (Christina Hernon, MD); Pediatric Disaster Preparedness Education and Injury Prevention – Partnership for the 21st Century (Michael Hirsh, MD, FACS, FAAP); Resource Management and Patient Care During Catastrophes: Ethical Challenges & Legal Boundaries (Mary-Elise Manuell, MD, MA, FACEP).

Aiding our community and collaborating with other response agencies is a fundamental goal for the Division. In December, 2008 the Division, in conjunction with the Worcester Public Schools, conducted a School Shooting Symposium. This was very well received by the 100+ people in attendance and we hope to offer similar types of trainings in the future.