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Hallway Expressions

Hallway Expressions is a resource to demonstrate compassion and empathy for patients with limited English proficiency. From a routine health checkup to receiving inpatient care, there lies opportunities to embrace cultural diversity between a patient and provider who speak different languages. Our goal is to break down language barriers in small, but meaningful ways.

The language learning tool features expressions in the five most common non-English languages spoken by patients in the UMass system. Eight expressions were chosen which are recommended to be used at the beginning or end of interpreted visits:

  1. Hello my name is [__________].
  2. I'm a... medical student / doctor / nursing student / nurse / healthcare professional.
  3. Nice to meet you.
  4. We're here to help you.
  5. One moment, I will get an interpreter.
  6. Sorry, I don't speak [language].
  7. I hope you feel better.
  8. Goodbye.

Click on the picture of the interpreter below to learn expressions in their native language:

Button for Spanish Language Learning Tool Button for Portuguese Language Learning Tool Button for Arabic Language Learning Tool Button for Vietnamese Language Learning Tool Button for Albanian Language Learning Tool

Updated September 2022