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UMass Chan Post-doc Association (UMPA)

Meeting: Second Tuesday of Each Month at 7 PM

Co-Chairs: Benedikt Mortzfeld and Daniel O'Reilly 
Executive Sponsor: TBA


  • Creating an inclusive space for social and professional interactions
  • Promoting network building with current and former postdocs as well as other groups at UMass Chan
  • Providing incoming postdocs with help for orientation, local practicalities, and making friends
  • Providing a consolidated forum where postdocs can share insights in a variety of issues, such as lab techniques or career development, to use the collective experience to resolve issues faster
  • Sharing insights gained with administrators and faculty of the school and collaborating to develop initiatives for postdocs
  • Organizing science outreach events in the Worcester community 

Goals and Objectives:

Social-Networking Events

  • Launch Party
  • Socials
  • Game nights
  • Spotlight Series
  • Networking Socials

Outreach Events

  • Outreach Workshop (with Jennifer Berryman)
  • Science Café

UMPA networking social.pngUMPA game night.pngUMPA outreach workshop.png

UMPA science cafe1.png

UMPA spotlight.png