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MassBiologics Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Represents MassBiologics’ commitment to supporting employee diversity and inclusion in our workforce. Chairperson – Jeffrey Way Executive Sponsor: Mark Klempner, Executive Vice Chancellor, MassBiologics

MassBiologics Diversity and Inclusion Committee: Photo

FY15 Accomplishments
• Organized and engaged active participation for the committee representing a diagonal slice of the organization.
• Reviewed and explored strategies to increase the scores for the Diversity Engagement Survey.
• Conducted a survey to access staff’s perceptions of how MassBiologics manages diversity both internally and in the larger community. The participation rate was 41% and the candid feedback that was provided is reflected in the FY16 goals.

FY16 Goals
• Restructure Employee Recognition program and initiatives to align with MassBiologics Blueprint and better acknowledge and celebrate individual and strategic achievements.
• Implement organizational-wide training of all 200 employees to raise awareness of diversity and inclusion and specifically how diversity drives MB mission in the workplace, with our surrounding communities, and globally.
• Re-survey staff and compare to most recent survey to measure change.