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Disabilities Committee

The Disabilities Committee is firmly committed to equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusion in both employment and learning for individuals with disabilities.  The committee supports UMass Chan's long-standing commitment to a welcoming and accessible environment to assure that individuals with disabilities may participate in all of the benefits and opportunities afforded to the University community.

The committee works in collaboration with the DEOO and the Facilities departments to assure that all buildings owned or operated by the University are accessible.   In addition, the committee works with the DEOO to assure that all policies, procedures, and practices are in accordance with state and federal laws to assure reasonable accommodation for individuals with disabilities where appropriate.

Chairpersons – Linda Long-Bellil; Laura Newhall, Heather Finaly-Morreale

Executive Sponsor: Joan Vitello, Dean, Tan Chingfen Graduate School of Nursing

If you are interested in participating, please contact 

UMass Chan Medical School lobby directions