Certificate in Primary Care Behavioral Health

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For more than a decade, psychologists, social workers, counselors, physicians, and psychiatrists have learned from this in-depth course how to develop their behavioral health skills. Our participants go on to become productive and valued team members in primary care, helping their practices embrace integration and provide better, more efficient patient care. Many alumni have become integration leaders and change-makers throughout the US.  PCBH includes a range of topics from an orientation to current health care issues like the Patient-Centered Medical Home or dealing with unhealthy substance use,  to cultural influences on health care. This course acknowledges the skills of specialty mental health clinicians and helps to translate prior knowledge and experience to the fast-paced, evidence-based, generalist culture of primary care.

Our comprehensive certificate course was developed by Dr. Alexander Blount, EdD who is also the founder of CIPC and its Director Emeritus.  Sandy, as he is universally known, continues to be a nationally recognized voice in the field of integration.  He has been a thought-leader for many federal, state and private organizations involved in behavioral health and integration. His experience and knowledge of integration initiatives across the country inform this course.  

The course covers the following topics in on-demand e-learning sessions that feature dialogues between practicing primary care physicians and BH clinicians AND live online Q&A webinars with Dr. Blount and/or UMass faculty:

  • Creating and Managing an Integrated Primary Care Practice
  • Bio-Psycho-Social Treatment
  • Dealing with Substances and Pain in Primary Care
  • Behavioral Health and Pediatrics
  • Serious Mental Illness
  • Population Health in Primary Care
  • Families, Community, Culture