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Primary Care Behavioral Health is the practice of mental health and counseling skills translated to the needs, culture, and pace of primary care practices.  Psychologists and social workers are typically trained to be specialists, honing in on one particular aspect of mental health practice and mostly focusing on patients with serious psychological issues.  Primary Care is medicine practiced by generalists who care for populations often from “cradle to grave” and they see the broadest array of physical symptoms and behavioral issues.  Similarly, behavioral health practitioners working in primary care settings need to adapt skills and knowledge to a face-paced and more generalized patient pool.  To be able to succeed requires more training, not less.  

A transitional experience is needed to give trained mental health professionals the substantive orientation they need to become behavioral health professionals in primary care.

Primary Care Behavioral Health online courses are collaboratively taught by a faculty of primary care behavioral health clinicians and primary care physicians from the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.  The curriculum is designed by Alexander Blount, EdD a pioneer in the field of behavioral health integration and an active clinician.  

We offer short courses organized by topic as well as a full Certificate Program that is a comprehensive training in Primary Care Behavioral Health. Though most of the courses are designed for behavioral health professionals, the initial e-learning modules provide a rigorous orientation to Integrated Primary Care that can be helpful for physicians, integration team leaders and administrators.


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