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Public Engagement Program

More PEP virtual workshops coming in Winter and Spring 2022! 


“Working with Policymakers”

March 24, 2022

What do policymakers most want to know, and what are the best ways to approach and communicate with them?  This workshop will explain all the reasons why policymakers want input from academic researchers and help you envision the roles you wish to play in relation to policy and advocacy. The workshop will also highlight differences in the culture and goals of policymakers and academics, so that you can learn the best ways to get your points across in the policy world. 


"Communicating Statistical / Numerical Information Effectively"

Spring 2022

Do you often work with highly technical, numerical and/or statistical information but struggle with how to communicate that information effectively to non-experts? Do you find that your audiences often misunderstand or misuse numerical or statistical information in their decision-making? In this workshop, we will explore and practice concrete steps you can take as a communicator to improve your communication of numerical or statistical information with diverse audiences.