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Mentoring Tips from Mary Munson

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Check out these mentoring tips from one of our faculty, Dr. Mary Munson. Dr. Munson was recognized for her service as a mentor by the UMass Chan Women's Faculty Committee Awards.

tweet that reads: Are you ready to learn the secrets of #mentoring from our own award-winning mentor, Mary Munson? Strap in and check out this thread (gif of an animated character putting on adventure goggles)#1 “generally, everyone should have multiple #mentors - one mentor can’t really provide useful guidance for all mentoring needs. ID mentors that are invested in a mentee’s best interests and will even sponsor/promote their career (or ID separate sponsors).”#2 “mentoring should be a mutually beneficial relationship - mentors enjoy helping mentees, and also should receive credit for their efforts (e.g. in promotion / tenure / APR documents)”#3 “For mentees: if you would like someone to be a mentor for you - just ask! The worst that can happen is that they might say no (or not respond)……However, note that good mentoring does take time, and mentors (especially from groups under-represented in science) are often overcommitted and may not have time. Don’t take it personally.”#4 “for mentors: everyone should have mentorship training, even if they already think they are a good mentor. Being a scientist is a commitment to life-long learning, including in areas like mentorship!”To soak up more of Mary Munson’s wisdom and that of our other award-winning faculty, check out this blog post

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