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Women in Science 2023

Saturday, February 11, 2023

Check out our celebration of our faculty who identify as women on the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, 2023!

Happy International Day of Women and Girls in Science! Check out this thread showcasing the amazing women-identifying faculty that are leading our department and making awesome discoveries in biochemistry. Image is a graphic for international day of women and girls in science.
Dr. Zhiping Weng uses computer science and machine learning to analyze large datasets. She is part of ENCODE and values collaboration. Her research interests include understanding how differences in gene sequence in the human population affect disease susceptibility. The image is a headshot of Dr. Weng and a figure from a paper. Dr. KangKang Song is an expert in our outstanding CryoEM facility that is used by scientists from all over UMass Chan and industry. Her work helps scientists describe the structures of small things inside our cells like proteins. Image is a headshot of Dr. Song and a protein structure. Dr. Mary Munson studies how proteins are moved around inside cells. Problems in this process are common in diseases like cancer and diabetes. Dr. Munson is also a huge advocate for DEI work in our department. Image is a headshot of Dr. Munson and an illustration of the exocyst complex.Dr. Francesca Massi is a specialist in NMR spectroscopy. She uses these skills to understand the structures of proteins and how they interact with RNA. The knowledge has broad implications for lots of different diseases. Image is a headshot of Dr. Massi and a figure from a publication.Dr. Nese Kurt Yilmaz is a faculty member in Dr. Schiffer’s lab (see next tweet) who uses computer science and traditional bench science techniques to understand how viral proteins change through evolution to become resistant to existing treatments. Image is Dr. Kurt Yilmaz at her desk and some protein structures.And last but certainly not least, Dr. Celia Schiffer - our fearless leader! Dr. Schiffer and her lab work to identify drugs for viral infections like HIV and COVID19 that help stop diseases from developing drug resistance. Image is a headshot of Dr. Schiffer and a ribbon protein structure.

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