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Alla Sigova

Vice President, Biology, CAMP4

Dr. Sigova is Vice President, Biology at CAMP4 Therapeutics, leading the experimental and computational teams responsible for advancing mechanistic understanding of regulatory RNA (regRNA) function to unlock the full potential of the regRNA Actuating Platform.

Dr. Sigova originally joined CAMP4 in 2016 as the founding scientist and key architect of the core gene control mapping technology the company uses today. Prior to re-joining CAMP4 in 2023, Dr. Sigova led a multifunctional team at Laronde Therapeutics focusing on advancing translatable “endless RNA” therapeutics towards clinical development.

Dr. Sigova earned her PhD in Biomedical Sciences from the UMass Chan Medical School under the mentorship of Phillip Zamore and conducted her post-doctoral training in CAMP4 co-founder Rick Young’s laboratory at the Whitehead Institute where she was awarded the Damon Runyon Cancer Research fellowship.