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Serum and tissue levels of hormones, cytokines and chemokines using Luminex

These assays will require 5~25 µl of plasma. Adiponectin, resistin, leptin, active ghrelin, C-reactive protein, IL-10, IL-4, IL-6, insulin (high range, 0.188~6.9 ng/ml or ultrasensitive, 0.025~6.9 ng/ml) and TNF-α will be assayed by mouse specific EIA kits from ALPCO Diagnostics. Glucagon, active & total GLP-1, C-peptide will be assayed using ELISA kit from LINCO. Active ghrelin and glucagon should be assayed on the first thaw and should contain 500 KIU of tray. Multiplex assays will be performed on a Lincoplex instrument and include diabesity panel (insulin, leptin, amylin, glucagons, GLP-1), adipokine panel (adiponectin, leptin, PAI-1, resistin, IL-6, TNF-α, MCP-1) and the cytokine panels. These assays allow multiple endpoints on 25 µl of plasma.

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