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Lead investigators:
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Apurv Soni, MD, PhD, Nisha Fahey, DO, MSc, David Smelson, PsyD

The status quo:
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Mental health conditions are common, costly, and in need of timely interventions. Despite their high prevalence, and the associated economic, human and societal costs, access to care remains poor across the globe. Even in high income countries such as the United States, nearly half of the population lives in a Mental Health Professional Shortage Area as defined by the US Health Resources & Services Administration.

What we study:
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As a step towards improving access to mental health support, we will study the usability and efficacy of a mobile wellness application that aims to enhance mental resiliency and psychological flexibility. The application was developed by ieso, a private company focused on creating technologies that increase access to psychological therapies. Using a conversational format, the application provides information about behavioral approaches and cognitive techniques that may help individuals concerned about their mood.

How we innovate:
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Study participants will offer valuable feedback on the user experience of navigating through the application. They will also help us learn more about:

Digital tools. 

Attitudes towards digital tools in the mental health space


Perceptions regarding artificial intelligence

Mental flexibility. 

The ability of the application to enhance measures of mental flexibility

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Mental Resilience: Digital Tools for Wellness