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Program in Digital Medicine: All of the projects conducted by our lab are enabled by robust collaboration within the institution and outside the institution. The critical platform for collaboration is enabled by the Program in Digital Medicine, which comprises a group of faculty with independent research programs focused on the use of digital health technology to improve patient care within UMass Memorial Medical Center.

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​Center for Digital Health Solutions: The lab’s Learning Health System-based projects also feature close coordination with the UMass Memorial Health through the Center for Digital Health Solution and Office of Clinical Integration. This strong partnership allows for the breakthrough innovations developed by our lab and the PDM to be scaled up at the system level through a robust follow-through strategy.

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RAHI-SATHI Program: Our lab has forged a collaboration with Bhaikaka University, an Academic Medical Center in Gujarat, India, over the past ten years. Research and Advocacy for Health in India (RAHI: Hindi word for Pathfinder) have helped conduct community-based studies to understand maternal and child health, non-communicable diseases, and the impact of road-traffic-related morbidity. Additionally, we have supported capacity-strengthening activities through Support and Action Toward Health-Equity in India (SATHI: Hindi word for Partner).

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Research Informatics Core and Research IT: We are thankful for infrastructure support provided by the Center for Clinical and Translational Science and Information Technology that allows us to leverage advances in informatics for supporting our clinical research featuring novel uses of Electronic Medical Records, sensor-based data, and data from internet of things.