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Michael Hyder Jr. 


I am a student at Boston University studying Math and Economics, as well as Data Science through the Dual Degree Program. I have experience using statistical analysis to discover insights into medical data and am interested in predictive modeling to improve the efficacy of digital medicine in patients' home environments.


Sonali Kaluri


I am a 2nd-year Biology and Applied Languages major at Georgia Tech. I am interested in health equity, clinical informatics, and medical education.


Harika Lingamarla


I am a Biomedical Engineering student at the University of Michigan interested in researching and developing novel medical technologies to improve patient outcomes and support accessible healthcare. 


Abhishek Mehra


I am a co-op intern from Northeastern University and a graduate student with a strong foundation in statistics, machine learning, and data analysis. I am seeking to apply skills as an entry-level, machine learning engineer, and to uncover valuable insights to drive business decisions.


Rauzat Saquib


I am a student at UMass Amherst pursuing a BS in Informatics, with a concentration in health and life sciences, and a minor in Biology. I aim to apply my skills in data analysis and visualization to the ongoing digital medicine studies in this lab.