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The Shaw lab is interested in understanding how growth factor receptor signaling pathways drive breast cancer progression.  We study how receptor regulation and function are altered in tumor cells to overcome normal controls and checkpoints to facilitate metastasis.  We have had a longstanding interest in the insulin (IR) and IGF-1 receptors (IGF-1R) and their mechanisms of action.  IR/IGF-1R signaling is associated with poor outcomes in breast cancer, in particular in the context of obesity when the activity of these receptors is upregulated.  Ongoing projects in the lab include studies on the Insulin Receptor Substrate (IRS) adaptor proteins which link the IR/IGF-1R to intracellular signals and determine functional outcomes.  We are also studying how Beclin 1 regulates endosomal trafficking to control the expression and signaling of the IR/IGF-1R and other growth regulatory receptors.  The goal of our work is to elaborate novel approaches for improved therapy and breast cancer outcomes.