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Shaw Lab News

June 2021

Welcome summer student Caroline Moore to the Shaw Lab.

May 2021

Shaw lab publishes review in J. Mol. Endocrinology: “Diversity of insulin and IGF signaling in breast cancer: Implications for therapy

April 2021

Congratulations to James on his acceptance into the University of Colorado, Boulder Biochemistry PhD program!

March 2021

Congratulations to Michael for passing his Qualifying Exam!

January 2021

Congratulations to Maira on her acceptance into the Brandeis University MCB PhD program!

November 2020

Morningside Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences student Michael Lero joins the Shaw lab. 

July 2020

Collaborative study with the Kim lab is published in Nature Metabolism: “Selenium detoxification is required for cancer cell survival

July 2020

PREP student Maira Majano joins the Shaw lab.

June 2020

Postdoctoral fellow Divya Damacharla joins the Shaw lab.

January 2020

Shaw lab publishes paper in Cancer Research: “Beclin 1 promotes endosome recruitment of hepatocyte growth factor tyrosine kinase substrate (HRS) to suppress tumor proliferation

January 2020

Goodbye to Jenny Janusis after 11 years in the Shaw lab.  Good luck in your new position at Astellas!

January 2020

Research associate Jennifer Morgan joins the Shaw lab.

July 2019

Postdoctoral fellow Ji-Sun Lee joins the Shaw lab.

June 2019

Congratulations to Asia Matthew-Onabanjo for a successful thesis defense!

June 2019

Research assistant James Hickling joins the Shaw lab.

June 2019

Congratulations on your graduation Dr. Jose Mercado-Matos, MD/PhD.