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Policies and Fee Structure

Rates are based per hour and billed in 15 minute increments. Training rates are based per person, per hour.

Sorting charges will include a 1 hour setup fee for appointments 4 hours or longer, 30 minutes for appointments 1 to 4 hours, and 15 minutes for appointments up to 1 hour in length to account for our staff start-up and shut-down time.  Rates effective 7-1-21.


Internal UMass Chan Investigators External
Academic/M2D2/MBI  Investigator

Analyzer: LSRII, Amnis,
Aurora, MACSQuant, BioRad ZE5
without facility operator




Analyzer: LSRII, Amnis, Aurora,
MACSQuant, BioRad ZE5
with facility operator




BSL-2 or 2+ Cell Sorting
without facility operator




BSL-2 or 2+ Cell Sorting
with facility operator




BSL-3 Cell Sorting
with facility operator




BSL-3 Cell Sorting 
without facility operator








Director Consultation




Over-time charge: We will now be implementing an over-time charge for staff-assisted sorts that extend after normal work hours without prior scheduling. Our staff struggles to accommodate users that bring more sample(s) than are scheduled and/or arrive late. You can schedule extended-hours sorting ahead of time, but staying late to finish a sort beyond its scheduled time is at the discretion of the staff and will incur 1.5-times normal sorting rates for the overage period.  This charge may be applied to sorts ending at or after 4 PM, depending on the time scheduled and staff available. You can avoid this charge by arriving on time and by accurately scheduling the amount of material you will bring. If you bring extra, there is no guarantee we will be able to sort everything, but we will try.

Sorting (BSL-2/2+ and BSL-3) and complex multicolor LSR II experiments should be scheduled at least one week in advance if possible, though immediate access is occasionally available.

Screened, live, unfixed human or non-human primate specimens will be sorted in the BSL-2+ facility with UMass Chan approved screening information and IBC approval (see our Biosafety page).

Sorting of BSL-3 samples will be run in our BSL-3 cell sorting facility.

Any potentially infectious samples for sorting must be discussed with us when scheduling.

Cancellation Policy:

Sort cancellations with less than 48 hr notice will incur a charge of 2 hrs (1 hr setup and 1 hr sorting).
We do not accept cancellations by email – they must be made by calling the staff at 6-3276 during business hours.
  • This policy applies to core staff sorting appointments only, unless self-use cancellations become a problem in the future. However, please cancel LSRII appointments and after-hours, self-sorting appointments with as much notice as possible in consideration for other users.
  • If you are able to find someone else to use your scheduled appointment, we will not charge you a cancellation fee. Of course, the new sort must fit within the scheduled or available time.