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Media Preparation Schedule

MONDAY Low Yeast Brown Narrow Vials, Bottles
TUESDAY Yellow  Narrow Vials, Bottles
WEDNESDAY Low Yeast Brown Narrow Vials, Bottles, Wide Vials
THURSDAY High Yeast Brown Narrow Vials, Bottles, Wide Vials

Container Specifics:

    • Narrow vials can be plugged with cotton balls or sealed with plastic. 
    • Bottles will be plugged with bottle "plugs" only.
    • Wide vials will be sealed with plastic only. 
    • "Flugs" for narrow vials and wide vials are available for purchase at an additional cost. 


The Drosophila Resource Facility is closed on all UMass holidays. In the event of a closing, the schedule will be pushed back. For example, if a holiday occurs on a Monday: Monday's Low Yeast Brown will be prepared on Tuesday, etc. Depending on demand, high yeast food may not be prepared during short weeks.