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Data Science NLP & Machine Learning

As an integral part of the medical school, the Research Informatics Core leads the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare research and education. We leverage Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to advance clinical informatics, transforming how medical data is understood and utilized in patient care and research. Our services include:

  1. Machine Learning in Clinical Informatics:
    • Predictive analytics for patient outcomes and disease progression using EHR data.
    • ML-driven analysis of clinical trials and patient cohorts for personalized medicine.
    • Image analysis through advanced ML techniques for radiology and pathology.
  2. Natural Language Processing for Unstructured EHR:
    • NLP tools for synthesizing patient clinical data, enhancing data extraction and accessibility.
    • Extracting and analyzing key patient information from clinical notes and reports within EHR systems.
    • Employing text mining techniques to aggregate and interpret large volumes of medical literature and research data.

Key Features:

  • In-House AI Expertise: Our team, with expertise in both AI technology and clinical informatics, is available to offer expert consultation and support for your research projects.

  • Customized AI Solutions for Medical Research: Understanding the unique challenges and data environments of medical schools, our solutions are tailored to address these specific needs effectively.

  • Enhancing Clinical Research with AI: Our goal is to harness AI to make clinical research more efficient, accurate, and impactful.

  • Collaborative Approach in Research Development: We collaborate closely with researchers, providing the tools and insights needed to navigate the complex landscape of medical data.

If you need assistance with a research project, please book a complimentary consultation with a member of our team. For more information on budgeting, please visit Funding and Budgeting Tools.