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The PLUM Data Environment

UMass Chan Medical School is implementing a Platform for Learning Health System at UMass Chan Medical School (PLUM). PLUM is a state-of-the-art cloud-based system designed to embody the core principles of a Learning Health System. Its main goal is to empower researchers by gathering data from various sources, organizing it through ETL operations, and storing it securely in a centralized repository called the Patient Research Record.

By centralizing data in the Cloud-based Patient Research Record, researchers gain easy access to analyze information using AWS virtual workspaces. They can also use advanced artificial intelligence techniques to extract valuable insights and knowledge from the data, all within their virtual workspaces.

PLUM's innovative strategy ensures a smooth flow of information, bridging the gap between research and clinical practice. This approach accelerates the translation of research findings into real-world applications, benefiting patients and healthcare providers alike. It fosters collaboration across disciplines, ensures data consistency, and promotes secure sharing of information. With PLUM, UMass Chan Medical School is leading the way in advancing healthcare through cutting-edge technology and collaboration. 

The PLUM Environment encompasses a variety of  data domains, including information sourced from the UMass Memorial Hospital Electronic Health Record System (EPIC).

PLUM Data Environment