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MBCL Services

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  • Oligo Discount Program- Our partnership with IDT provides investigators with DNA/RNA oligos and gBlocks at a discount through the MBCL.
  • Reagent Program- We offer discounted pricing on TAQMAN, qPCR reagents, enzymes, etc. from ThermoFisher (Life Technologies/Ambion), and Empirical Biosciences. Save yourself the shipping charges. We deliver to your mailroom!
    TaqMan Assays are shipped at ambient temperature, ref here.
  • Fragment Analyzer Service- Submit DNA/RNA samples to be analyzed on the Advanced Analytical Fragment Analyzer (similar to the Bioanalyzer) for accurate sizing, concentration, and RNA quality numbers.
  • Sequencing Library Preparation- Submit RNA or DNA samples to be made into adapter-ligated Illumina libraries or PacBio IsoSeq libraries, enabling streamlined library prep to sequencing service between the MBCL, DSCL, and PBCE.
  • Sanger Sequencing and GeneMapper/ARISA (Genotyping)- Value priced! Flexible settings, done on-site. We will work with you to get the best results possible from your samples.

Sample Drop Off Locations:
Samples can be left in the labeled fridges at these locations
for 11:00 AM pickup each business day:
Biotech2 outside Suite 207
LRB 6th floor mailroom
Our shipping address for off-campus customers is
Rose-Gordon Bldg. Rm. 141, 222 Maple Ave, Shrewsbury, MA, 01545.
(Available weekdays from 9AM to 5PM - email us if you leave or ship samples here).

Learn more about Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) at our PacBio and Deep Sequencing Core websites!

Inclement Weather Policy
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In case of extreme and/or inconvenient weather, deliveries and sample pickup may be postponed. Please email us to arrange drop-off if the weather is questionable. The DSCL, MBCL, & PBCE are closed when UMass Chan is on "inclement weather alert".

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