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EconoSeq Frequently Asked Questions

Below are posted questions and answers about the EconoSEQ program services.

What type of instrument and reagents are you using?

We use Applied Biosystems BigDye V3.1 Dye terminators. The instrument used is an ABI 3730xl 96-capillary DNA analyzer, named Rosalind.

Why do I have to put my samples in a 96 well PCR plate or those strip tubes?

The EconoSEQ option is a way for us to work small numbers of individual samples into the HTP (High Through-Put) sequencing operation. We combine smaller numbers of samples into single 96 well blocks for processing. Samples which are compatible with the handling system can easily be processed. If you need strip tubes or PCR plates, we sell them here in small packages. Even if you only have 1 sample, it's OK to put it in a 96 well plate (just mark the plate so we can find it). Samples submitted in larger tubes or with templates and primers in separate tubes must wait until someone has time to set them up.

How do I get my data and in what form will it be?

The default delivery option is mounting the data to the PMM server.
When your samples have been processed, you will receive an email with download instructions. If you wish to have your data mounted on a flash drive, please drop it off with your samples. If you have your own server or special delivery issues, please let us know.
The data is generally delivered as .ab1 files which can be read by most trace viewers (free ones are listed on the resources page).

When should I get my samples there and how long will they take?

Samples must be turned in by 11:00 am to be picked up that day. EconoSeq samples are processed overnight.

Where are you located?

The MBCL is located in the Reed-Rose-Gordon building on the Maple Ave campus. Sample drop-off locations are available on the main campus. To arrange for leaving samples in the Rose-Gordon drop-off fridge, please email

Do you pick up samples or must we bring them to you?

Samples may be left in any of the Core Labs pickup fridges. They are located in 2Biotech, the Sherman Center, and the LRB. See the MBCL Main or Services pages for more info. Please leave samples in the fridge and sign the log book so that we know in what order samples arrived.
Your sample ticket should be enclosed with the samples or emailed to