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~Welcome to the Core Labs survey~

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Deep Sequencing Goals

Have you used Deep-Seq / Next-Gen Sequencing before from any provider? *
What is the biggest barrier preventing you from using Deep Sequencing? *
Which of the following support options would you find helpful in choosing Deep Sequencing services? Please check all that apply. *
If you have done Deep Sequencing in the past, from which provider(s) have you gotten service? Please choose all that apply. *
Why do or would you choose a particular option when selecting Deep Sequencing services? Please choose your top priority. *
Which of the following is more important to your goals when choosing a run type? *
Performing an extra bead cleanup on a Deep Sequencing library can increase the number of reads you get back. Does that knowledge interest you in any of the following options? *
Where do you currently get your data analysis services? Please check all that apply. *
Are you satisfied with the data analysis services that you currently use? *

This section asks about Deep Sequencing methods and topics that you are interested in

Which of the following DeepSeq methods are you interested in / already using? *
Would you want to attend a seminar, hear more information, or want to receive notifications of special products related to your method of interest?