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Alumni - Graduate Students

Karin Anderson, PhD   1994-1998
Associate Research Fellow, Pfizer
kanderson 'at'

Robert (Hongbo) Luo, PhD   1994-1999
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Pathology & Lab Medicine, Harvard Medical & Children’s Hospital
Hongbo.Luo 'at'

Avital (Tali) Bar-Shalom, PhD   1994-2000
Program Examiner, Public Health Branch, Office of Management and Budget, Executive Office of the President, US Government
Adjunct Professor and Global Health Scholar, Science in the Public Interest Program, Georgetown University
abarshalom 'at'

Vienna Reichert, PhD   1994-2000
Associate Director, Clinical Research, TESARO 'at'

Shuyan Chen, PhD   1996-2000
Director of Biology, CellMosaic
shuyan 'at'

Caroline (Casagrande) Mock, PhD   1997-2003
Lab Manager/Research Assistant, Galit Lahav Lab, Harvard Medical School
Caroline_Mock 'at'

Ajit Nott, PhD   1998-2004
Applied Science and Technology, Corteva-agrisciences
Ajitnott 'at'

Kimberly (Hamic) Notari, MS   2000-2002
Senior Associate Scientist in Molecular Sciences, Amgen Medical Sciences, California and Adjunct Professor, Los Angeles Pierce Community College
knotari 'at'

Lori-Ann Boulanger Noble, PhD   2000-2006
Assistant Professor, Science & Mathematics, Massachusetts Maritime Academy
Lori.boulanger 'at'

Patricia Schroder, PhD   2000-2006
Research Assistant, Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory
patschroder10022 'at'

Nadja Rozovsky, PhD   2008
Senior Business Insights Analyst, CNS Disorders Group, Decision Resources
nrozovsky 'at'

Aimee Butterworth, PhD   2007
Medical Writer, DynaMed, EBSCO Information Services
aimeecbworth 'at'

Sarah Cole, PhD   2009
colesarah 'at'

Luis Morello (Visiting)    2010-2011
Researcher, Instituto de Biologia Molecular do Parana, Brazil

Danny Crawford, PhD   2011
Associate Director, Analytical Development, Intellia Therapeutics, Inc.
dannyj ' at'

Christopher Merrikh, PhD   2012
Research Scientist, Houra Merrikh's Lab, University of Washington
cmerrikh 'at'

Christian Roy, PhD   2014
Computational Biologist/Scientist II, Takeda Oncology
christiankroy 'at'

Erin Heyer, PhD    2015

Senior Research Officer, Timothy Mercer's Lab, Genomics and Epigenetics Division, Transcriptomics Research
Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Australia
e.heyer 'at'

Eric Anderson, PhD      2016
Scientist, CRISPR Therapeutics
eganderson22 'at'

Ami Ashar, PhD
Scientific Sales Specialist, Immunology and Cell Isolation, STEMCELL Technologies
amijashar 'at'

Kelly Limoncelli, PhD
Technical Application Scientist, Thermo Fisher Scientific
LimoncelliKA 'at'

Mihir Metkar, PhD
Bioinformatics Scientist, Moderna Therapeutics

Moore Lab Alumni