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Lee Lab Publications

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        # Corresponding author(s)       * Co-first authors
21. Leighow SM, Landry BD, Lee MJ, Peyton SR, and Pritchard JR#. (2022) Agent-based models help interpret patterns of clinical drug resistance by contextualizing competition between distinct drug failure modes. [Pre-print on bioRxiv at]
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20. Pritchard J, Lee MJ, Peyton SR#. (2022) Cell autonomous and materials-driven drug resistance in cancer. Soft Matter Apr 13; DOI:10.1039./D2SM00071G
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19. Jansen LE, Kim H, Hall CL, McCarthy TP, Lee MJ, Peyton SR#. (2022) A poly(ethylene glycol) three-dimensional bone marrow hydrogel. Biomaterials Jan 1; 280: 121270
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18. Richards R#, Honeywell ME, and Lee MJ#. (2021) FLICK: an optimized plate reader-based assay to infer cell death kinetics. STAR Protocols Mar 19; 2(1), 100327.
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17. Cruz-Gordillo P*, Honeywell ME*, Harper NW, Leete T, Lee MJ#.(2020) ELP-dependent expression of MCL1 promotes resistance to EGFR inhibition in triple-negative breast cancer cells. Science Signaling Nov 17; 13(658), eabb9820.
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16. Schwartz HR*, Richards R*, Fontana RE, Joyce AJ, Honeywell ME, Lee MJ#. (2020) Drug GRADE: an integrated analysis of population growth and cell death reveals drug-specific and cancer subtype-specific response profiles. Cell Reports Jun 23; 31(12): 107800
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15. Richards R, Schwartz HR, Honeywell ME, Stewart MS, Cruz-Gordillo P, Joyce AJ, Landry BD, Lee MJ#.(2020) Drug Antagonism and Single Agent Dominance Result from Differences in Death Kinetics. Nature Chem. Biol. DOI: 10.1038/s41589-020-0510-4                          
  View in: Nature Chemical Biology
14. Matthew-Onabanjo AN, Janusis J, Mercado-Matos J, Carlisle AE, Kim D, Levine F, Cruz-Gordillo P, Richards R, Lee MJ, Shaw LM#. (2020) Beclin 1 promotes endosome recruitment of hepatocyte growth factor tyrosine kinase (HRS) to suppress tumor proliferation. Cancer Research Jan 15;80(2):249-262 PMCID: PMC6980665 
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13. Heijink AM, Everts M, Honeywell ME, Richards R, Kok YP, de Vries EGE, Lee MJ#, van Vugt MATM# (2019) Modeling of Cisplatin-Induced Signaling Dynamics in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Cells Reveals Mediators of Sensitivity. Cell Reports. Aug 27;28(9):2345–5.
      # co-corresponding authors
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12. Landry BD, Leete T, Richards R, Cruz-Gordillo P, Schwartz HR, Honeywell ME, Ren G, Schwartz AD, Peyton SR, Lee MJ# (2018) Tumor-stroma interactions differentially alter drug sensitivity based on the origin of stromal cells. Molecular Systems Biology 14(8):e8322
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11. Andrews BJ, Walhout AJ, Iyengar R, The Human Cells Project Working Group (2016) Quantitative Human Cell Encyclopedia. Science Signal 9(443): mr1
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10. Landry BD, Clarke DC, Lee MJ# (2015) Studying Cellular Signal Transduction with OMIC Technologies. Journal of Molecular Biology 427(21): 3416-3440
  View in: Journal of Molecular Biology
9. Lee MJ# (2015) Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom: The Role of Context Dependence in Creating Phenotypic Diversity Following Targeted Therapy. Molecular Cell 57: 763-764
  View in: Molecular Cell
8. Lee MJ, & Yaffe MB#. (2014) Protein regulation in signal transduction. In: Cantley LC, Hunter T, Sever R, and Thorner J (eds), Signal Transduction: Principles, Pathways, and Processes 1st Ed. CSHL Press: 31-50
  View in: CSHL Press
7. Morton SW*, Lee MJ*, Deng ZJ, Dreaden EC, Siouve E, Shopsowitz KE, Shah NJ, Yaffe MB#, & Hammond PT#. (2014) A nanoparticle-based combination chemotherapy delivery system for enhanced tumor killing by dynamic rewiring of signaling pathways. Science Signal. 7: ra44
     *Authors contributed equally to this work
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6. Floyd SR, Pacold ME, Huang Q, Clarke SM, Lam FC, Cannell IG, Bryson BD, Rameseder J, Lee MJ, Blake EJ, Fydrych A, Ho R, Greenberger BA, Chen GC, Maffa A, Del Rosario AM, Root DE, Carpenter AE, Hahn WC, Sabatini DM, Chenn CC, White FM, Bradner JE & Yaffe MB# (2013) The bromodomain protein Brd4 insulates chromatin from DNA damage signalling. Nature 498: 246–250
  View in: Nature
5. Lee MJ, Ye AS, Gardino AK, Heijink AM, Sorger PK, Macbeath G & Yaffe MB# (2012) Sequential application of anticancer drugs enhances cell death by rewiring apoptotic signaling networks. Cell 149: 780–794
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4. Tentner AR*, Lee MJ*, Ostheimer GJ, Samson LD, Lauffenburger DA & Yaffe MB# (2012) Combined experimental and computational analysis of DNA damage signaling reveals context-dependent roles for Erk in apoptosis and G1/S arrest after genotoxic stress. Mol Syst Biol 8: 568
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3. Torres MP*, Lee MJ*, Ding F, Purbeck C, Kuhlman B, Dokholyan NV & Dohlman HG# (2009) G Protein Mono-ubiquitination by the Rsp5 Ubiquitin Ligase. J Biol Chem 284: 8940–8950
      *Authors contributed equally to this work
  View in: Journal of Biological Chemistry
2. Lee MJ & Dohlman HG# (2008) Coactivation of G protein signaling by cell-surface receptors and an intracellular exchange factor. Curr Biol 18: 211–215
  View in: Current Biology
1. Wang Y, Marotti LA, Lee MJ & Dohlman HG# (2004) Differential regulation of G protein alpha subunit trafficking by mono- and poly-ubiquitination. J Biol Chem 280: 284–291

View in: Journal of Biological Chemistry