Independent Student Analysis (ISA)

The Independent Student Analysis (ISA) is the centerpiece of student participation in the self-study phase of the accreditation process. It provides medical students with the opportunity to independently conduct their own data gathering and analysis of the School of Medicine’s medical education program, student services, environment for learning and the adequacy of educational resources. Through the ISA process, students will develop a comprehensive survey administered across all four years (MS1-4), with an analysis of the survey data and a final summary report. The ISA report will be included in the database that is reviewed as part of our institutional self-study and will also be submitted as part of our accreditation materials for review by the LCME.


Core Team:

Michael Richardson, MS1
Kathleen Goble, MS1
Judy Wilbur, MS2
Stuart Murray, MS2*
David Wang, MS2*
Mary Linton Peters, MS4

Extended Team:

Minakshi Biswas, MS4
Alexis Tumolo, MS4
Kerry Rees, MS2
Alexander Hart, MS1
Hirut Fassil, MS1
Matthew Janko, MS1

* SBC Co-President


pdf icon The Role of Students in the Accreditation of Medical Education Programs in the U.S.

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