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Project Administration

Since our prior LCME accreditation concluded in 2012, we have steadfastly remained focused on continuous quality improvement.  The charge for 2020 is “together, even better” which is a rallying call to engage our diverse educational community in a thoughtful self-review of our medical education program.  We will take an honest, hard look to identify areas of strength as well as strategies for addressing shortfalls and identified needs as we look to the future.

We began preparation for our accreditation and site visit in June 2017 with the implementation of a team charged with collecting data to assemble the official LCME Document Collection Instrument (DCI).  Over the next 18 months various groups and committees will work together to study the DCI, interview students, faculty and staff and analyze the results to write an executive report which will broadly be distributed throughout the medical school and our community.  Please mark your calendar for April 26-29, 2020 for our survey site visit. 

Four Phases of LCME Accreditation 

  Phase I:  Assembly of Document Collection Instrument (DCI) “database” of facts and figures related to the educational program leading to the MD degree
  Phase II: Institutional self-study by a Task Force and Independent Student Analysis:
  • Task Force: Faculty, Administration and students will form subcommittees to review, analyze and critique the database
  • Independent Student Analysis: Students from across the continuum of medical training in the T.H. Chan School of Medicine and Morningside Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences will convene a committee to create a survey tool, administer the survey to their colleagues, analyze the finding and submit a report to the Task Force

Phase III: The Task Force will produce an Executive Report based on institutional strengths and weaknesses as reported by the Task Force and Independent Student Analysis.


Phase IV:   A site visit by an ad hoc survey team of the LCME will take place April 26-29, 2020


Project Teams Project Timelines
Organization Chart LCME 2020 Accreditation Timeline
Project Management Team  
Accreditation Oversight Committee  
Self-study Task Force  
Independent Student Analysis Committee