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UMass Chan Self-Study Task Force

The centerpiece of the accreditation process is an institutional self-study which will be overseen by a task force, charged by the dean, collectively representing the broad range of stakeholders and key constituencies for our educational program leading to the MD degree. The Self-study Task Force will include individuals spanning the spectrum of our diverse educational community, representing faculty, students, staff, administration, community affiliates, residents and alumni.

In overseeing our self-study, the Task Force and its subcommittees will comprehensively review, analyze and assess our medical education program, with the goal of defining our institutional strengths as well as opportunities for improvement and further development. As specified by the LCME: “The task force will synthesize its individual subcommittee reports into a final self-study summary report that includes a statement of institutional strengths and issues that require attention, either to ensure future compliance with accreditation standards or to improve programmatic quality.” The Task Force self-study summary report will be broadly disseminated across our UMMS educational community and submitted to the LCME. 

Task Force Pillars

Institutional Setting
Faculty and Learning Environment
Curriculum Design
Curriculum Management
Medical Students

Task Force Leaders 



Terence Flotte, MD*

Dean, Provost and Executive Deputy Chancellor, Task Force Chair

Anne C Larkin, MD*

Senior Associate Dean for Educational Affairs, LCME Project Director and Faculty Accreditation Lead

Kristin Maki, MPH

Chief of Staff, Office of the Dean

Catarina Kiefe, PhD

Chair and Professor, Quantitative Health Sciences

Sam Borden, MD

Assistant Dean of Admissions, UMMS-Baystate

Paulette Goeden*

Associate Vice Chancellor, Finance and Administration 

Deborah DeMarco, MD+

Senior Associate Dean, Graduate Medical Education

John Lindstedt+ *

Executive Vice Chancellor, Finance and Administration

Brian Lewis, PhD

Assistant Vice Provost for Outreach and Recruitment

Jennifer Lafemina, MD

Program Director, Surgery

Richard Pavao, MD

Director of Pain Management, Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine

Michael Kneeland, MD+*

Associate Dean of Interprofessional Education

Rob Milner, PhD

Associate Vice Provost, Professional Development, Office of Faculty Affairs

Melissa Fischer, MD, MEd+

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Medical Education, Curriculum Innovation & iCELS

Lela Giannaris, PhD

Co-Course Leader

Akshay Kapoor, MS3

Student Leader, former SBC co-president

Kurt Schultz, MS3

Student Leader, former SBC co-president

Erin McMaster, MD

EPC Co-Chair

Janet Hale, PhD

Associate Dean, Interprofessional and Community Partnerships

Bob Baldor, MD+

Vice Chair of Undergraduate and Graduate Programs, Family Medicine and Community Health

Rebecca Blanchard, PhD, MEd

Assistant Dean of Education, UMMS-Baystate

Kendall Knight, PhD

Assistant Vice Provost for Admissions

Mark Miceli, EdD

Assistant Vice Provost for Student Life

Tracy Kedian, MD

Assistant Dean for Academic Achievement

Carolina Ionete, MD, PhD

Co-Course Leader

Becky Spanagel, MD

Assistant Dean for Medical Student Education, Saint Vincent Hospital

Yael Dvir, MD

Clerkship Director

Eric Mick, ScD

Course Co-Leader

Manas Das, MD

Co-Director, Radiology Elective

Patrick Lowe

MD/PhD Candidate

* Indicates member of LCME Accreditation Oversight Committee
+ Indicates Pilar Leader