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Collaboration is Key!

It is essential to stand together as a united front with partners to lead to important discoveries. Landers Lab is proud to foster and create partnerships throughout the ALS community. If you're interested in developing a partnership, please contact us!

Our previous and current partnerships have accelerated our research progress. The discovery of TUBA4A involved collaboration amongst 60 researchers around the globe! We have also worked with the following organizations and individuals to advance our research:

  • Dr. Jonathan Glass (Emory University) and Dr. Bryan Traynor (NIA/NIH) to establish a central repository of ALS Whole Genome Sequencing data (funded by the ALS Association). Collaborators include the New York Genome Center and the Answer ALS Project.
  • Co-Director with Dr. Jonathan Glass (Emory University) for Project MinE USA. Project MinE is global consortium consisting of 20 countries with the aim of analyzing the DNA of over 15,000 ALS patients. Project MinE USA is funded by the ALS Association
  • Collaboration with Dr. Cathleen Lutz (The Jackson Laboratory) to develop and characterize several mouse models of ALS..
  • AstraZeneca partnership to identifying small molecules that rescue survival in model of cytoskeletal dysfunction in ALS.
  • Collaboration with Drs. Bill Skarnes and Justin Mcdonough to develop and characterize several isogenic iPSC lines harboring mutations in known ALS genes.