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Current Funding Support

NIH/NIAID - U01AI134585-02 (Kornfeld, PI)

Trial of Metformin for TB/HIV Host-directed Therapy

NIH/NIAID, CRDF Global - DAA3-20-67038-1 (Kornfeld, PI)

RePORT India Phase II: Indo-US Vaccine Action Initiative on TB Research

NIH/CRDF Global/University of Pennsylvania - DAA9-19-65378-1 (Bisson, PI)

Inflammasome Genetics and TB Treatment Outcomes

NIH/National Center for Tuberculosis and Lung Disease/ University of Georgia - R21 TW011157-01-A1 (Kipiani/Magee, PI)

Pulmonary Impairment after Tuberculosis in Georgia: Enhancing Clinical Research Capacity to Address the Intersection of Non-Communicable Diseases and Tuberculosis

NIH - R01 HL152078-01A1 (Kornfeld/Singhal, MPI)

Lung-Protective Mechanisms of Metformin in TB

DOD - W81XWH2110029 (Finberg, PI)

COVID-19 Expansion for AIRe Program

NIH/Emory University - R01 AI153152-01A1 (Magee, PI)

Immunometabolic Impact of Stress Hyperglycemia on Tuberculosis Outcomes and Risk of Diabetes Mellitus

NIH - R01 HL153162-01A1 (Kornfeld, PI)

Sirtuins and Host Metabolism in TB Pathogenesis and Treatment