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Our Research

Tuberculosis Immunometabolism

We are investigating the role of sirtuin (SIRT) modulation in the host-pathogen interaction in TB. We discovered that SIRT1 and SIRT3 are downregulated in M. tuberculosis-infected macrophages, leading to impaired antimicrobial activity, mitochondrial stress, a shift in central metabolism analogous to the Warburg effect, and macrophage necrosis. With new R01 funding we are pursuing the mechanisms and consequences of SIRT modulation in TB pathogenesis. 

Host-directed therapy

We are initiating a randomized clinical trial of metformin added to standard antimicrobial treatment of drug-sensitive pulmonary TB in adults living with HIV. With new R01 funding we are also investigating the mechanisms of host protection by metformin, with a focus on the expansion of Ly6Clo monocytes.

Tuberculosis-diabetes comorbidity

We are collaborating with Dr. Matthew Magee (Emory) on a newly funded prospective, observational clinical study of the syndemic interaction between TB and diabetes. In the first study of this kind, the Kornfeld lab will receive adipose tissue biopsy samples to investigate the effects of incident pulmonary TB on adipose tissue inflammation and glucose and lipid metabolism.