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iCELS Hosts Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Course

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Some medical scenarios that confront learners during this course may be disturbing to a general audience and are hence not displayed on this webpage. These include bite marks, arm scratches and vaginal wounds of varying degrees, which were treated with seriousness and respect.

WORCESTER, Massachusetts, Mar 1, 2015 - iCELS hosted the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) course. 29 nurse candidates completed their written and mock exams and are now precepting at clinical sites.

iCELS staff and facilities played an important role in the success of the course. "The Albert Sherman Center, iCELS classroom space and clinical areas were just right for what we needed and truly provided a unique and extensive clinical experience for our students," remarked Karen Hazard, RN, BS, SANE, who is the Central Massachusetts DPH Coordinator.

The SANE candidates commented on the importance of the realistic environment which provided a unique and extensive clinical experience for the course. Student evaluations were very complementary of the facility and clearly showed iCELS is a great fit for the needs of the SANE course.

In the years that followed, this course had evolved into one that also involved pelvic exam on live patient actors at iCELS.

For further information please contact iCELS at or Phone: 508-856-5434


Last updated Dec 31st, 2017