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Optional Retirement Program (ORP)

The Optional Retirement Program (ORP) is an alternative to the Massachusetts State Employees' Retirement System (MSERS), if eligible. Similar to the MSERS, employees are still required to make the same mandatory contributions (9% of whole salary (up to 64% of the IRS compensation limit), and an additional 2% on salary above $30,000).

Please note: Do not complete enrollment forms or open a vendor account until you are notified of your ORP eligibility by the Benefits Department.


The ORP is a defined contribution plan, where benefits are determined by the total balance of your ORP account when you draw benefits from the plan. Employees are able to select and manage their own investments and are immediately 100% vested in the plan. Employees will also receive an employer match of 5% (minus the cost of insurances and operating expenses), as well as life insurance and long-term disability benefits. Click the images below for more detailed information on these benefits and the ORP Investment Providers.


If you are eligible to enroll in the ORP, you will receive a Notice of ORP Eligibility via email from the Benefits Department (along with all applicable enrollment forms) within your first two weeks of hire. You will have a 180-day election period which is outlined in the notice. If you do not actively select one of the plans, you will remain in the MSERS.

To access ORP benefit information, click the Benefit Summaries button below (or on the top navigation bar):