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The academic year is scheduled as 13, four-week rotations. Fellows will have four weeks of vacation a year in addition to time approved for academic conferences. Front-loaded, the three-year program allows for fewer inpatient service-based rotations and more outpatient clinic-based, research and elective rotations for senior fellows. Fellows are also encouraged to arrange for away rotations based on their interests.



1st Year Schedule:
 8-9 University GI/Liver Service (3+1 Schedule)
 2-3 St. Vincent’s Hospital
1 Endoscopy
1 Research

 2nd Year Schedule:
3-4 Memorial (3+1 Schedule)
1 St. Vincent’s Hospital
 2-3 Research
4-5 Flex
1 Radiology/Pathology
1 Motility/Nutrition

3rd Year Schedule:
1 Memorial (3+1 Schedule)
1 St. Vincent’s Hospital
5-6 Research
5-6 Flex