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Research Updated 2.jpgThe Core Curriculum consists of the entire educational experience, including learning from inpatient consults, discussions in the clinic and of course, lectures and conferences.  Conferences are held on average 4 days a week, for an hour a day.  ‘Routine’ conferences include Journal Clubs, Radiology and Pathology Rounds and M&M’s.  Some of the more unique conferences are described below.

IM-GI Morning Reports

For selected IM Residency Morning Reports, Medicine Chief Residents identify a case that focuses on GI/Liver/HPB pathology and present it to the housestaff.  Fellows are required to be present, along with invited GI Faculty. Fellows are tasked to help guide clinical decision making as well as provide the framework for a more meaningful and nuanced discussion. 

IBD / IBD with the Expert

Fellows present cases and on topics related to IBD to an audience consisting of GI and CRS faculty and fellows, as well as other invited learners (students, PA’s, nurses, etc.). Cases are usually present around a learning theme or objective and the CRS fellow is invited to co-present. To allow for another format, we have fellows present active cases that need management decisions made in a more timely manner in a roundtable discussion with our IBD faculty. It is a much appreciated conference as fellows can learn from both evidence based strategies as well as accumulated clinical wisdom from an experienced faculty. 

Animal Lab

Fellows attend scheduled sessions in the Animal Lab where we discuss the technical aspects of endoscopic interventions, learn about the equipment to better understand what we can actually do during a procedure and how to troubleshoot malfunctions, and practice more complicated techniques. We work closely with industry representatives who provide demo materials, cadavers, simulation models and ex vivo samples. Just like anything that is hands on, fellows love it.

Second Year Talk and Senior Talk

Second and Third Year fellows are asked to present on a topic that they have researched in-depth. Topics can be related to a research or QI project, patient care experience, or clinical interests. They are tasked to provide detail akin to a Grand Rounds or a Capstone Presentation and are expected to work on this for several weeks to months. These annual presentations are highly anticipated by the faculty as well as the fellows.

Interdisciplinary Grand Rounds with the Senior Fellow

Senior Fellows select a multi-disciplinary topic and coordinate a presentation with a trainee or faculty member from another division on that topic. Topics can be selected based on a case the fellow was involved in or based on areas of clinical interest. This required assignment encourages interdisciplinary collaboration and discussion, with the ultimate goal being a better understanding of the multi-disciplinary approach to the management of complicated disease processes.